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Why should I use a pallet haulage service?

In our previous blog post, we discussed pallets, the difference between courier services and haulage services. In this post we want to discuss more about pallets and when is the right time for you to use a pallet haulage service.

Typically, pallets are designed to hold more boxes compared to shipping individual items. So, if you often multiple items then using a haulage service is the perfect solution for you, plus it comes with a range of benefits.

By using Keedwell Scotland, we are conveniently located to provide delivery services up and down the UK as well as European services. Therefore, sending a pallet of items, can work out cheaper than sending your items separately.

Tracking Your Deliveries

By using pallets to transport your goods, not only are your items travelling together but this makes them easier for you and us to track. We allocate a tracking reference that allows you to access updates to where your items are on their journey and this gives you added peace of mind.

Protection and Security

Each time you choose to use Keedwell Scotland as your haulage service you are ensured that all items are handled with care and all staff are quipped to carry and transport pallets without causing damage.

Same Day Delivery

From small envelopes and packages to large parcels or full loads, we offer a fast, reliable, cost-effective Same Day Service which will ensure your customers receive your delivery on time, every time.

Insurance of Goods

If you send goods yourself this can lead to damage and loss of your items. Unless you search for a reputable company your items are unfortunately uninsured and if they are it might come at a cost. This means that if your goods are damaged or lost you won’t be able to get them back or claim the loss.

With Keedwell Scotland, your goods are automatically insured with the most basic type of courier insurance before they leave the depot, this means you can have peace of mind knowing your goods are safe.

So, whether you need regional or palletised distribution or even require a comprehensive national logistics solution, Keedwell Scotland can handle all your needs. Please get in touch to see how we can help your company.

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