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Methods to improve warehousing and distribution efficiency

Here at Keedwell Scotland, our warehousing and distribution services provide guaranteed service, reliability and reduced costs and is specifically tailored to meet the needs of customer requirements.

Warehouse efficiency is not only about complex picking algorithms but also using basic common sense and the correct storage facilities/equipment. Due to our extensive knowledge and expertise of these services, we are able to share our warehouse improvement ideas and warehouse management tips which we guarantee will help to improve the efficiency and smooth operational running of your warehouse, just follow these quick methods and watch your performance skyrocket.

There are many ways to improve warehouse efficiency including:

  • A warehouse improvement plan is extremely beneficial as it allows businesses to strategise how to run their warehouse in the most productive and efficient way possible.
  • Slotting strategy. Warehouse slotting is the systematic method of reviewing inventory data in order to organise warehouse stock or delivery centre. The aim of warehouse slotting is to increase the overall productivity and efficiency of your operations.
  • Utilising available space. Instead of using wide storage units, try to use tall ones as this will provide more floor space to set out equipment and for picking and packing goods/products.
  • Lean inventory is a process that will allow you to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and assist in putting the customer first by reducing or removing safety stocks and aiming to get suppliers to provide smaller quantities more frequently.


Keedwell Scotland has developed a tried-and-true, highly reliable delivery service in Scotland, with daily service to all major towns. We are perfectly located in Central Scotland to provide a comprehensive and reliable distribution service across Scotland. Our fleet of vehicles, which includes anything from small vans to 44-tonne Artics, is designed to carry all kinds of cargo. Goods can be delivered to our depot for further transport, or we can provide competitive trunking throughout the UK.

There are several ways in which to improve your distribution efficiency including:

  • Ensuring the appropriate resources and equipment are provided to staff which will allow tasks to be completed efficiently.
  • Developing strategies and monitoring results will help you develop an understanding of what you are doing well and where you can improve.
  • Communicating regularly with staff/colleagues will ensure you are made aware of any problems and will allow you to resolve them promptly.
  • Creating a pricing strategy that will avoid any disputes.

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Keedwell Scotland – consistently supporting the heartbeat of Scottish Football! Big enough to cope, small enough to care.

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Keedwell Scotland – consistently supporting the heartbeat of Scottish Football! Big enough to cope, small enough to care.


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