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What is the difference between Haulage and Courier Services?

Keedwell Scotland provides a comprehensive national solution to logistical requirements, our service covers anything from ad hoc deliveries to over 100 loads a day. Our traffic management teams ensure both the reliable and efficient delivery of your product with full track and traceability.

The haulage and logistics industry are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK economy. Due to this ever-growing industry, there was an increased need for transport logistics that continues to grow at a rapid rate. The logistics industry is divided into many categories from warehousing, supply chain management to order fulfillment to distribution.

So, what is haulage exactly?

Well, haulage companies undertake the transportation of heavy or large shipments, this is most commonly used for businesses with large stock orders or wide scale product distribution where pallets of stock can be transported.

Unlike courier services, haulage companies typically have one end location rather than multiple stops. This single-point-of-focus can create expensive haulage and logistics business solutions.

Haulage typically works out as more affordable for transporting stock for businesses, especially if they require large volumes of product to be transported. They also work on a contractual basis which allows them to adapt and adjust to company needs and routes.

And a Courier service?

Typically, with a courier service they provide individual parcel delivery and small packages distribution. This market is a very big at the moment with major companies like Amazon taking the lead, however there are some other services in this industry where businesses outsource drivers to provide speedy services across the country.

Unlike haulage companies, couriers don’t typically work on contracts and instead work on a payment per-package basis. They then pair packages in similar postcodes to deliver many packages to many different areas.

What is the best service for you?

While both courier services and haulage transport may appear very similar, they are very different, and finding the right service for your business can be challenging.

If you’re in need or large shipments to carry containers and goods in pallets, haulage services are the perfect service for you. However, if you just want to send packages or letters you are best using a courier service.

Due to the nature of haulage services transporting large shipments they typically use heavier vehicles like trucks, compared to couriers who typically use cars, vans, motorcycles, and bicycles for their deliveries. This is due to the time-sensitive nature of courier services, so this type of transportation allows them to easily navigate their way to make their deliveries, whether that’s in town centres or suburban areas.

So, whether you need regional or palletised distribution or even require a comprehensive national logistics solution, Keedwell Scotland can handle all your needs. Please get in touch to see how we can help your company.

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