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Container Movements Process

Keedwell European Freight take away the hassle of sourcing/managing a variety of suppliers, hauliers and managing all of these relationships moving forward. We handle all areas of container movements across the UK and Europe, giving you peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands.

Container Movements

Shipments of goods are mostly reliant on container transportation. These containers are manufactured in conventional sizes and may be carried over long distances and moved from one mode of transport to another without being opened.

Standardised containers have revolutionised the shipping and transport industries, allowing goods to be transported simply by rail, road, or ship, as the containers can readily fit onto multiple modes of transport.

Depending on the specific goods, there are a vast range of containers that can be used: refrigerated containers, tank-containers, flat racks, open tops, or open sides. This mode of transport developed after WWII and is the most widely used in the world. Furthermore, it can be vital in the strategic approach of a good logistics process.

A few examples of containers include:

General purpose containers
A general purpose container or “dry container” are shipping containers that are totally enclosed, weatherproof, and shielded from the elements, with a hard roof, side walls, and floor. Dry containers are by far the most popular form of container, and as such, they are used to load the majority of regular goods.

Flat rack containers
This simple storage container features foldable sides that may be folded to form a flat rack. As the end walls are solid enough to allow cargo fastening, they are suitable for carrying enormous products like heavy machinery, cars on tracks, large reels, and building materials.

Open top containers
An open top container features a convertible top that can be fully removed. This is appropriate for goods that are too tall to load through the entrance, such as tall machinery or other large/bulky completed products that can only be handled and loaded using a crane or rolling bridge. To secure goods, open top containers have lashing rings fitted on the upper and lower side rails as well as the corner posts.

Double door containers
This container type is sometimes known as a “tunnel container” since it has doors on both ends. Double door containers are particularly useful for swiftly loading and unloading products, and they provide even more space for items like steel and iron. Both sets of doors feature the same locking assembly and weatherproof sealing to protect goods from the elements.

High cube containers
High cube shipping containers are structurally identical to general purpose containers, except they are roughly 1 foot higher. These containers are utilised when a larger volume capacity is needed. Most high cube containers include a dip in the floor at the front end to centre the container on a so-called gooseneck chassis, allowing it to lie lower and be taller.

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