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Haulage Companies & Courier Companies

Haulage companies encompass a wide range of products and services. There are several logistics areas to consider, including warehousing, order fulfilment, and distribution, especially considering UK logistics is one of the fastest expanding industries in the UK economy.

There are significant differences in the transportation of certain commodities, and the company that your business would hire depends on what is required, where the goods are going, and the type of goods you have.

Even though haulage and courier companies are quite similar, there are a few key differences. For example, haulage companies usually have particular contracts they use to distribute goods on a regular basis. They have scheduled appointments and know exactly what they are transporting before the products are loaded and distributed.

The quantity and kind of products carried by a haulier are also on a greater scale than those carried by a courier, with haulage companies hauling palletised goods and containers as opposed to couriers who transport things on a smaller scale such as parcels and letters.

Couriers do not often have formal contracts, although they can be hired by some firms to handle their parcel delivery needs. They often promote and attract clients for the transportation of one-time products.

What is a courier company?

A courier service allows people to send packages from one place to another. Courier companies, in general, provide parcel delivery services across the country, and the bulk of these firms provide parcel delivery globally. There are hundreds of courier service businesses registered and listed in the United Kingdom, and most of them offer relatively similar parcel delivery services such as next day, same day, and domestic and commercial courier services.

A disadvantage of employing courier companies for smaller deliveries is the cost; nevertheless, the benefits of this service include the receiver getting the products faster and the ability to trace each stage of the parcel’s trip, providing the consumer peace of mind.

What is a haulage company?

Haulage companies, move bigger, bulkier products, therefore a road haulage company would distribute pallets or containers of merchandise.

In general, instead of having several stops and starts carried out by couriers, every haulage journey comes from the place of origin to the address where the product is scheduled to deliver. We should attribute this to the risk of having a large amount of bodily and financial harm caused by an accident. Hauliers often specialise on carrying freight in large heavy vehicles and, sometimes, storage. They also deal with container transportation.

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