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Palletised Distribution Networks

Palletised distribution allows you to deliver your products efficiently and cost-effectively across the country. Here at Keedwell Scotland, we specialise in the transport and distribution of palletised freights, from container importation, storage, and delivery to anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Benefits of pallets

Pallets are an excellent alternative for a variety of businesses as:

  • They facilitate the storage and transit of products.
  • They can make it straightforward to transfer products across the country and abroad.
  • They’re sturdy enough to carry most objects without causing any type of safety concern. The sturdy foundation guarantees that all things remain safe and unharmed.
  • They are flexible and stack well.
  • They are readily accessible and inexpensive, making them a popular choice in a variety of sectors.

When you decide to use wooden pallets, you are able to reuse them several times. Used pallets have a ready market, with many finding their way into gardening projects, fences, and even furniture. Furthermore, pallets made of wood are a more ecologically friendly option.

Benefits of palletised distribution

Palletised distribution is the process of transporting products in pallets from one area of the country to another or from one country to another. Specialist businesses who handle all types of palletised items receive pallets from businesses and then distribute them.

The majority of pallets are intended to support a total weight of about 1000kg. Sending a single pallet to a single end-user would be much too expensive for most companies to be a viable option. Palletised distribution networks enable shipping huge amounts of products inexpensive, practical, and simple.

What is palletised distribution?

Making 24-hour pallet deliveries throughout the country and beyond is logistically challenging, if not impossible, for the average business with a single base. Therefore, to make it work, the business would need to hire hundreds of drivers and have a huge fleet of vehicles on the road. This applies to both manufacturers and pallet delivery companies; how can the latter assure that its clients’ products get to their destination on time?

A palletised distribution network is the solution. This will involve a lot of businesses collaborating closely. They are able to deliver efficient, cost-effective distribution for their clients by pooling resources.

Why choose Keedwell Scotland for your palletised distribution?

We realise that in order to thrive, you must surpass your customers’ expectations for pallet collection and delivery. We also strive to outdo your expectations and make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

We can even become your warehousing and distribution partner, handling everything for you from our facility!

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about what Keedwell Scotland can offer your company, how our distribution network operates, or to get a quote.


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