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Warehouse Services Benefits

Warehouse services are vital for many businesses including manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters, and importers who need sizable spaces to hold their products prior to distributing.

Effective warehousing services enable you to build a successful logistics plan that may aid boost your company’s productivity and profit in addition to providing you with the storage space you require. Warehousing services can optimise your whole supply chain with skilled handlers and specialised fleets.

Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of warehousing services:

Faster shipping

As warehouses are typically situated close to important transportation hubs such as motorways and shipping docks, stored products can be sorted and distributed quickly using specialised fleets. Expert handlers

Minimise damaged goods

Warehouses are designed to safeguard your stock by providing plenty of room to keep all your goods together, and as all items are in one location this reduces the risk of damage to the products whilst in transit.


Temperature controlled systems preserve the quality of your items and round-the-clock CCTV security makes sure they are not damaged or stolen.

Save Money

You won’t have to spend money on fleet upkeep, systems, or distribution infrastructure, or be responsible for drivers, worker’s compensation, or physical damages.

Keedwell Scotland, in collaboration with our partner company Keedwell European Freight, provides a variety of services throughout Scotland, Europe, and the United Kingdom. We offer a flexible range of delivery options with the reassurance of knowing that your palletised freight will be delivered on time and intact.

We also provide an ideal shipping solution for large and heavy item deliveries. Delivery of your goods is important. We care a great deal about our customer requirements in delivering the goods to their destination on time.

Our pallet service includes:

  • Collections in the UK for delivery throughout UK & Europe
  • Cost-effective and secure delivery of goods
  • Reliability with set departure schedules
  • Transparent tracking
  • Competitive rates, whatever the size or weight

Our pallet service specialists make it simpler, easier, and quicker to meet your needs. Get in touch today for more information. Get in touch today for more information.

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