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What is International Freight Shipping?

Road, air, and ocean shipments are exported and imported through the process of international freight transportation. Businesses must transfer their goods across borders in accordance with numerous sets of laws, many of which will be unfamiliar to novice importers.

A thorough understanding of customs regulations, documentation requirements, and international freight shipping procedures is necessary.

International freight shipment is typically far more challenging than domestic transportation due to the challenges of transiting through several countries.

The time International Freight Shipping takes depends on the transport used and the weight of what is being shipped. These factors mean the time scale can vary widely between 2 days up to 4 weeks excluding any unforeseen delays.

The 5 shipping stages are as follows:

Export haulage

Transferring your goods from the warehouse of your business to the freight transporter.

Export customs clearance

This involves collecting the necessary authorisations and completing customs declarations in order to make your products ready for export.


This step entails moving your products from the point of origin to the country of destination.

Import customs clearance

This phase entails making certain that your products satisfy all import regulations of the country of destination, including things like paying any appropriate tariffs and taxes.

Import haulage

Transporting your items to your company’s warehouse is the last step after your goods have crossed the border of the nation of import.

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