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Plastic Pallets vs Wooden Pallets

Educating yourself on the pros and cons of plastic or wooden pallets is an important thing to do when determining which solution is best for you or your organisation.

Wooden Pallets – The Pros

Wooden pallets are both inexpensive and simple to repair; the two often go hand in hand. Due to the simplicity with which they can be recycled, they are far more environmentally friendly than plastic pallets. Many wooden pallets can also be easily fixed by anyone with simple handyman abilities. Things move much less on wooden pallets than on plastic ones, and wood pallets may contain more of those products due to higher weight limitations.

Wooden Pallets – The Cons

Wood is a porous material. This makes it particularly sensitive to fungal and pest problems. It can also be dangerous if there is shattered wood or corroded nails. Those that utilise wooden pallets must store them in a cool, dry environment to avoid pest and moisture problems. These pallets might also be difficult to properly clean.

Plastic Pallets – The Pros

Plastic pallets are extremely durable and long-lasting. As they are not porous, natural factors such as pests and humidity have little impact on maintenance. Plastic pallets are also lighter than wood pallets, making them easier to move and less expensive to freight. Most plastic pallets are still recyclable, however they are less environmentally friendly than wood pallets.

Plastic Pallets – The Cons

Plastic pallets can cost up to three times as much in comparison to wooden pallets. They are extremely difficult to repair and frequently require replacement when broken—quick solutions are rarely an option. They cannot support as much weight as wooden pallets, and their smooth surface increases the likelihood of product slipping and shifting.

Both plastic and wooden pallets provide numerous advantages to users, however, to decide which type is best to meet your needs, please get in touch with us at Keedwell for advice.

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