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Most Common Items Sent on Pallets

While there are many restricted or prohibited items to consider when sending a pallet delivery, the list of things you can send is far more diverse than the list of things you simply cannot send.

Each pallet courier has different restrictions on what you can and cannot ship, but they all accept the same items through their networks.

Some of the things that businesses and individuals send through pallet shipping networks every day would surprise you. Below are some examples of the most common items sent on pallets.

Washing Machines

Washing machines are difficult to move at the best of times, let alone load them onto a pallet without injuring yourself or damaging the machine.

Due to their heavy base and bulky dimensions, washing machines are difficult to move by hand. A pallet is an ideal way to safely transport washing machines from one location to another.

Trying to transport washing machines on your own can be more trouble than it’s worth. As a result, most people prefer to send them on pallets because this method of transport is typically less stressful and ensures that everything arrives intact.

Furthermore, pallet deliveries allow you to send much more than just one washing machine. This is why manufacturers of household appliances frequently ship their products on pallets; for ease of transport and extra protection.

Car Parts and Engines

Car parts and engines can be shipped on a pallet. However, in order to avoid complications, you must always adhere to the rules established by the pallet courier.

When you send car parts, they must be in good condition and, more importantly, sellable. Make sure everything is in order before loading any parts onto your pallet to avoid putting anyone in danger.

Also, if you intend to ship an engine, there is a specific way to prepare, load, and secure it to the pallet. Engines must be completely drained of all fluids before being accepted by any pallet network – regardless of which courier you use.
Water, oil, and any residual fluids are examples of this. It is recommended that the engine be placed on the pallet on an absorbent or oil-resistant material. This ensures that if any liquids are missed (which is highly unlikely), the material beneath the engine will absorb them, preventing leaks and reducing risks during transit.

Car parts and engines are particularly popular among eBay sellers, and sending them via pallet courier is one of the safest ways to ensure your items arrive intact and on time.

If you require additional assistance or advice on how to prepare engines for delivery, please contact us!

Sports and Gym Equipment

Sports equipment is one of the most popular items shipped on pallets, whether you run a gym or leisure facility and need equipment shipped quickly, or you are purchasing bulky exercise machines to keep fit at home.

As sports equipment is far too bulky and heavy to move by hand, sending it on a pallet is the most convenient way to ensure that it arrives safely and undamaged.

A pallet courier and all of the necessary tools (pallet trucks and forklifts) will make moving heavy items like sports equipment easier.

Building Materials

Sending building materials such as glass and bricks on pallets is more popular than you’d think. Whether it’s for builders who need materials for their jobs or for people who want to complete their own building projects.

While most couriers accept glass and bricks, there are some guidelines you should follow to protect your items while also ensuring the courier accepts your pallet.

For example, if your glass or bricks exceed their maximum weight allowance, choose an oversized pallet, or pack them in a specific manner.

Please contact us if you need more information about sending a pallet delivery.

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