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How Pallets Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouse efficiency is essential for cost reduction, and there are numerous methods for streamlining procedures and increasing efficiency.

Increase the amount of vertical space available

Many warehouses have high ceilings that are not utilised to their full potential. You’re wasting the opportunity to keep goods and meet greater demand by not taking advantage of this area. This, in turn, has a negative impact on your company’s capacity to meet increased client demands.

The first step is to evaluate your floor layout and determine how much space you have available, after which you can adopt vertical storage options. These tactics may involve effective pallet storage options, but make sure you have an effective method of transferring these high objects.

A warehouse mezzanine may be a suitable solution for enabling easier access to a vertically arranged inventory, but larger pallet racks can also help you with this.

Communicate Effectively

While your company’s communication may not be directly tied to pallet supply, it’s safe to say that your team’s communication will have a direct impact on warehouse efficiency.

An organised pallet supply will aid your staff in avoiding mix-ups and other forms of confusion as they go about their daily activities, and keeping your pallet supply organised will rely heavily on your storage efforts.

Use Pallets to Make Workstations

Workstations will always be useful organising tools in any warehouse as they guarantee that each employee has the equipment and resources, they require to execute specific tasks. It’s crucial to remember that well-designed workstations can help you lessen the risk of occupational injuries, especially when someone is doing repetitive activities.

To create an ergonomic workstation out of pallets, make sure your staff have access to equipment and tools at a comfortable height. This will limit the number of times an employee has to search for items.

Wood pallets happen to make excellent workstation storage and construction materials, and this form of workstation development can save you and your company a lot of money compared to more expensive workstations!

At Keedwell Scotland, we offer a flexible range of delivery options with the reassurance of knowing that your palletized freight will be delivered on time and intact.

We also provide an ideal shipping solution for large and heavy item deliveries.

Delivery of your goods is important. We care a great deal about our customer requirements in delivering the goods to their destination on time.

Our pallet service includes:

• Collections in the UK for delivery throughout UK & Europe
• Cost-effective and secure delivery of goods
• Reliability with set departure schedules
• Transparent tracking
• Competitive rates, whatever the size or weight

Our pallet service specialists make it simpler, easier, and quicker to meet your needs. Get in touch today for more information.

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