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Best Ways to Transport a Fragile Package

Packing items appropriately is critical for a successful shipping experience, whether you’re relocating to a new residence, shipping merchandise, or mailing a gift. Fragile items can take numerous forms and necessitate specialised equipment, handling, and shipping. Glass, laboratory supplies, musical equipment, jewellery, homeware, porcelain, expensive collectibles, and liquid commodities are some examples of fragile objects. Here are the top eight strategies for moving sensitive items.

1. Choose the correct box

When delivering a fragile goods, the first step should be to select the proper box for packing. First and foremost, you must accurately measure your product and choose the appropriate package size. To ensure the protection of the objects, the parcel must allow some extra room, not just a few inches around them.

2. Wrap fragile goods

Now that you have the correct box, you must correctly wrap the product and add a layer of bubble wrap. You have the option of honeycomb wrapping and packing. You must ensure that your product is adequately packaged, and you must wrap all sections of the item and secure it with packaging tape.

3. Pad the package

Once your products have been properly wrapped, you must fill any remaining space in the boxes with cushion and padding materials such as packing peanuts. To avoid damage, place the product inside the box and provide more cushioning.

4. Secure the package

Before proceeding with the box for delivery, seal it using pressure-sensitive tape. Avoid harsh sealing and wrap your things exclusively with tape.

5. Mark as fragile

“Fragile Items” or “Handle with Care” should be clearly labelled on the top of the package. This will assist shipping firms and clients in taking extra precautions and safety measures during delivery.

6. Add an address

Put a delivery label on the box’s largest outer surface. The title should include the customer’s complete address as well as the return address. Avoid writing delivery information on the package’s sides.

7. Ship with Keedwell Haulage & Logistics

This is the final stage in shipping your Fragile Items with Keedwell, where the crew is experienced in providing swift and dependable delivery services. We offer delivery services all around the world and have a single point of contact.

Packing essentials

Whatever you’re shipping, it must be safely wrapped, packed, and transported. Depending on the type of goods you’re shipping, fragile items, in particular, come with a set of necessities that you should consider purchasing.

  • Boxes of various sizes
  • Wrapping paper or bubble wrap
  • Masking tape / duck tape
  • “Fragile” labels
  • Filler or tissue paper

Keedwell Scotland provide end-to-end solutions for our customers looking to transport goods to and from Europe. Covering both land and sea logistics, we have the right partners in place on our network. Get in touch today to find out more.

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