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Are Wooden Pallets Eco friendly?

Concerned about the environmental impact when you see all the wooden pallets being used in supply chains? You need not worry. One of the most recyclable, eco and environmentally friendly packing options is wood pallets! They have in fact been certified by Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for their eco friendliness.

Here are some facts to put you at ease:

Sustainable sourcing

The wood source, for the majority pallets, are from trees planted with the sole purpose of being cut down for timber to make the pallets. This means the pallet production does not often contribute to deforestation or destruction of natural wildlife habitat. Trees planted are generally softwood species as well, which grow swiftly and are simple to renew. Many wood pallets are also made from other recycled wood products and then recycled further once the pallet is no longer of use.

Easily repairable

The simplicity with which pallets may be fixed makes it one of its major advantages. Unlike metal and plastic, wooden pallets are inexpensive and simple to repair. A repaired pallet will operate just as well as a new pallet when this is carried out by competent vendors. Also, unlike man made materials, wood is biodegradable and therefore leaves behind zero waste.


Before being discarded, a pallet is typically broken into bits that can be used to fix additional pallets, extending their useful lives. Any more waste wood that cannot be utilised is frequently transformed into biomass or crushed into landscaping mulch.

At Keedwell Scotland, we offer a flexible range of delivery options with the reassurance of knowing that your palletised freight will be delivered on time and intact.

We also provide an ideal shipping solution for large and heavy item deliveries.

Delivery of your goods is important. We care a great deal about our customer requirements in delivering the goods to their destination on time.

Our pallet service includes:

• Collections in the UK for delivery throughout UK & Europe
• Cost-effective and secure delivery of goods
• Reliability with set departure schedules
• Transparent tracking
• Competitive rates, whatever the size or weight

Our pallet service specialists make it simpler, easier, and quicker to meet your needs. Get in touch today for more information.

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