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Advantages and Disadvantages of Sea Freight Shipping

he following are some of the advantages of ocean shipping:

For larger, long-distance shipments, it’s more efficient and cost effective.

Heavy cargo that must be transported over vast distances are suited to sea freight shipping as there is no functional limit to how big your shipment may be, you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in the container. Furthermore, it costs less than most other shipping methods.

When compared to air freight, it is less detrimental to the environment.

Ships now create much fewer emissions than ever before, and hence less carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases, thanks to lower sulphur levels in the fuel.

There will be fewer limits on shipping.

When opposed to air freight, ocean freight has far fewer restrictions.

Flammable products, such as fragrances, and biochemical products, such as some medicines, cannot be delivered by air, but they can be shipped by ocean if your destination accepts them.

The disadvantages of ocean freight shipping are:

Changes that are unpredictable.

Ocean freight is far more susceptible to unexpected weather and customs changes.

You can’t arrange a cargo route as readily as an air route, and your shipment won’t arrive any sooner than expected.

Congestion at the port can also affect the time it takes for your package to arrive.

Transit time can be longer than other shipping methods.

Sea shipping is much slower than other modes of transportation, such as air freight.

Sea freight takes 30-40 days on average, whereas air freight only takes an average of 1 week, with express flights taking only three days.

There is less protection.

Sea freight shipping is less secure than other modes of transportation.

This is because your shipment will be in the container for a longer period of time and is more likely to be damaged during transit than air cargo.

In comparison to other modes of transportation, there’s a somewhat higher probability that the cargo will be mistreated or misplaced.

As sea freight transport has less security measures in place, there is a higher danger of theft while the items are in transit.

This can be avoided by doing business with reputable shippers with a proven track record, but it’s something to think about when picking between ocean freight and other solutions.

Keedwell Scotland, along with our partner company Keedwell European Freight, provide end-to-end solutions for our customers looking to transport goods to and from Europe. Covering both land and sea logistics, we have the right partners in place on our network. Get in touch today to find out more.

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